Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Taylorsville or Salt Lake City, Utah?

Can you remember visiting the dentist during your childhood years? For most people, visiting the dentist as a child is where they learn great oral hygiene habits that follow them well into their adult lives. It is our goal at Redwood Pediatric Dentistry to help your child to develop great dental hygiene habits early on that will not only give them a beautiful smile for life, but a healthy one too!

To help get your child on a lifelong track to great oral health, our office has been designed to provide a calm but fun atmosphere that your child will love! In addition to having a cool Little Rascals themed play area and our themed treatment rooms, our staff will do everything possible to make your child's dental experience enjoyable. Did we also mention that our office contains the latest state-of-the-art dental equipment to help us provide your child with a safe and stress-free visit?

We also provide Spanish-speaking staff and doctors to ensure well-understood treatment and care.
Jason Horgesheimer is a pediatric dentist in Salt Lake and Taylorsville
Dr Chuck is a childrens dentist in Utah
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