Redwood Pediatric Dentistry in Salt Lake City Utah can show you how to make losing teeth fun for your child

Ways to make losing teeth FUN for your child!

Losing teeth can be exciting, but it can also be frightening for many children. At Redwood Pediatric Dentistry in the Salt Lake City area, we help kids learn about losing teeth and how it is an exciting thing that they can look forward to! If your child is a bit fearful of losing their first tooth (or any tooth after), here are a few things you need to know to make losing teeth fun for them!

Teach Your Child About the Tooth Fairy

So where did all the tooth fairy hype come from? Some kids love the tooth fairy, but we have had a few kids come to our Taylorsville dental office with a legitimate fear of a fairy that steals their teeth! The tooth fairy tradition is different for every culture. Most western cultures tell children it is a fairy that needs the teeth to build a castle. The tooth fairy leaves behind money or a prize in exchange for taking the tooth for the castle. Other cultures have children throw their teeth up in the air to offer them to the sun, while others toss their teeth on their roof or on the floor to promote healthy tooth growth. In the United States, the origins of the tooth fairy date back to 1927 with a story of a mouse exchanging teeth for gifts.

If you want to teach your kids about the tooth fairy, there are some excellent books to consider. Colgate has a cute poem to read to your children to make the entire experience of losing teeth exciting. Story telling with poetry and books are one of the best ways to teach children about the tooth fairy and to get them excited about losing their teeth.

Certificates of Healthy Teeth

While it is standard to leave behind money when your child loses a tooth, another fun thing you can do is leave behind a certificate telling your child they have done a great job keeping their teeth healthy! Some kids with poor brushing habits will look upon it as motivation to work hard to keep their teeth clean so the tooth fairy will want their tooth for the castle.

Catching the Tooth Fairy

A really fun way to make losing teeth exciting is to leave behind a picture of the tooth fairy taking your child’s tooth. A fun service is found at this link which allows you to take a picture and add the tooth fairy to the image. Simply take a picture of your sleeping child to show them the tooth fairy came and you caught them in the act!

Tooth Box or Pillow

A lot of parents have custom pillows they make for their kids. These tooth pillows allow the child to place their tooth inside for the tooth fairy, in return the fairy leaves money in the pillow for the child. We have small tooth boxes for children that lose their teeth in our office, we can give you one if you swing by the office! These small plastic boxes work well for children that need a place to put the tooth until the tooth fairy comes in the night.

Write the Tooth Fairy a Letter

One of the most exciting things for a child is to use their imagination. Writing letters to Santa Claus is common, but writing a letter to the tooth fairy is a great way to help your child look forward to losing their teeth. Use the opportunity to remind your child about how to properly brush their teeth. Make the letter and writing small enough so it does look like it came from a fairy.

Losing teeth is an important rite of passage in your child’s life. Make sure you are taking the time to associate positive things to the tooth fairy so your child doesn’t become scared. If you have a child that is struggling with losing their teeth, or won’t let one fall out, call Redwood Pediatric Dentistry today! Our office is happy to help your child understand why they need to let their teeth fall out, and what will make it easier for them to lose their teeth. Call (801)281-8881 today to schedule your child’s dental appointment.

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